, Fashion & Luxury Brand. Since 2009 the first Italian company specializing in clothing for BULLDOG ENGLISH.
Manufacturers and NON dealers!
From the fashion designer to the size development, to knitting the knitwear factory and tailoring the tailoring.
Pret-a-porter, haute couture and BullSky garments for high altitude. Sophisticated fabrics and yarns of the highest quality .. Merinos wool, technical fabrics, waterproof and waxed, boiled wool, quilts. Embroidery and customizations.
Each garment is a unique piece. Made sartorially. Logo in cotton tape. Bullophilosophy Certificate of Authenticity.

On the occasion of the tenth year, the F / W 2019-2020 Collection is dedicated to Geneva, to its mountains, to its snow, to skiing, to the footprints that few leave on the high peaks !!
"The difficult part is not winning, but re-winning, reconfirming". Alberto Tomba.